Shannon Kluppel, M.D.

Becky's Dedication

Lynn’s Dedication


Lynn Kluppel had many dreams.  She did achieve most of them before her untimely death.  This book is a dream come true as well as a tribute to the greatest person that lived on this earth.  Lynn is/was the most knowledgeable person I have ever known in my life.  She honestly knew something about everything.  Besides her family and friends education is/was the biggest part of her life.  She lived, ate, and breathed education.  She always is/was thinking of new ways to educate young children’s minds as well as her great mind. Lynn is/was a caring person.  When it came to education everyone was equal in her sight.  She believed everyone could learn no matter what the situation or circumstances in their lives.  This book is a combination of knowledge, wisdom, blood, sweat, tears, and most of all love.  She was so proud to be working on this book as well as being a “Frog” as she and I called it.  She was so excited at the idea of being published.  She would work on this book anytime she could.  When her ideas came, no matter day or night, she would stop and write the idea down.  If she got on a roll you let her work until she was done.  She would go for hours if her creativeness came gushing to her head.  There was truly no end to her love for education and knowledge.  Lynn’s ideas for this book came from many years of being a great teacher.  She was never teacher of the year but to her students she was every school year.  Every idea in this book is proven.  She thought up as well as used in her class room every idea in this book.  She believed that if a person wrote a book or presented at workshops they needed to have experienced the ideas not just talk or write about it.  So many people do the later today.  Every time this book is read, taught, and a child learned form it Lynn’s dream, ideas, love, and memory will live on forever in everyone everywhere.  Just as there was no limit to Lynn’s knowledge there should be no limit in a child’s education or knowledge.  The sky is always the limit.  Lynn your love and dream for educating children is living on with you looking on from above.